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Zenio Capital Group offers different investors with diverse risk profile and investment goals a number of funds that they can invest in namely:

Zenio Capital Equity Fund 🇦🇺

The Zenio Capital Equity Fund is an Australian unregistered management investment scheme designed to allow Wholesale or Sophisticated Investors in Australia, and or globally, to invest in the Fund. The Fund has appointed Zenio Capital Equity Investments Pty Ltd as the investment manager.

The Zenio Property Investment Fund is an open-ended unlisted property fund that aims to provide investors with regular distribution or income and medium to long term capital growth by investing in different classes of property assets located in Australia and or globally.

Zenio Capital Equity Fund 🇲🇾

The Zenio Capital Equity Fund (‘Fund’ or ‘Zenio Capital Equity Fund’) is a private equity fund domiciled in Malaysia and is  incorporated as a private limited entity in Malaysia, known as Zenio Capital Sdn Bhd. The Fund which is focused at capitalizing on high growth opportunities in Malaysia and globally, is principally a generalist fund with an emphasis on short, medium and long term capital growth opportunities