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Zenio Capital provides you with going public experience for clients globally to major markets such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and USA. 

Taking your business public is an important decision and at Zenio Capital we get clients validate this decision or help them make that decision as part of our engagement. 

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If you are looking to save time to take your company public you may find that reverse merger may be your best option. Reverse Merger is when a private company merges with a trading company that failed as a business or has minimal operations. Zenio Capital has an existing list of listed companies that are available for reverse merger for cash or shares.


If you have a successful business and you want to avoid the listing fees and time to go public, you may want to consider merger with an existing public company for cash or shares. The benefit of doing this as compared to selling in open market is that you may get a better value for your business and may be tax effective structure in some jurisdictions.


Zenio Capital acts as buyer`s agent for a portfolio of public companies that actively looking to acquire good businesses.


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