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The Zenio Capital Equity Fund (‘Fund’ or ‘Zenio Capital Equity Fund’) is a private equity fund domiciled in Malaysia and is  incorporated as a private limited entity in Malaysia, known as Zenio Capital Sdn Bhd. The Fund which is focused at capitalizing on high growth opportunities in Malaysia and globally, is principally a generalist fund with an emphasis on short, medium and long term capital growth opportunities which may include focus sectors such as:

      1. Education – Vocational and Higher Education.
      2. ICT – Software, Technology, Mobile Applications, Internet of Things (IoT).
      3. Healthcare – Nutraceutical Pharmaceutical/Drug manufacturing.
      4. Financial Services – Financial advisory, Insurance, brokerage services and business process outsourcing.
      5. Professional Services– accounting, audit and company secretarial.

Zenio Capital Equity Fund targets companies that are mature and have solid track records and clear exit plans, and in particular companies which are founded by baby-boomers. Their exits will be carried out by way of disposal of their stakes to companies listed on major stock exchanges in targeted jurisdictions such as Australia, United States of America, Canada and other key jurisdictions. Our investment strategy aims at preparing such companies for exits within 12 to 24 months.  Zenio Capital Equity Fund will maintain an active role in the investee throughout the investment lifecycle by providing management support and expertise to the investees. Each investment will be in the form of equity, equity related securities or convertible debt instrument.

Zenio Capital Equity Fund

A private equity fund  that allows sophisticated investors to invest in mature companies that are rapidly growing and having a clear exit strategy

Moderate Risk
Expected Returns 7% Per Annum
Distribution Semi - Annual
Minimum Investment MYR 250,000
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If you are a sophisticated investor in Malaysia, or in any other country, and are considering to invest in Zenio Capital Equity Fund, you can:

If you are an entrepreneur looking to exit, or your company operates within these focus sectors – namely education, information technology, healthcare, financial and professional services, we are keen to invest and hear from you. Please:

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