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The Zenio Property Investment Fund is an open-ended unlisted property fund that aims to provide investors with regular distribution or income and medium to long term capital growth by investing in different classes of property assets located in Australia and or globally.

The Fund plans to launch the following property asset classes:
  • Global Asset Class
  • Australian Commercial Class
  • Australian Residential Class
  • Australian Ethical Class

You can select which property sector you wish to invest in by applying for Units in the particular Class corresponding to that property sector.


Zenio Global Property Trust

Zenio Global Property Trust is a class of assets within Zenio Property Investment Fund. The trust is established to provide investors with regular distributions and potential for capital growth over the medium to long-term via investment exposure to residential and commercial properties located globally (excluding Australia), specifically in the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Invest as little as $25,000 and then in increments of $5,000. 

Expected Returns 8% per Annum
Distribution Monthly
Unit Price AU $ 1.00
We are open to accept investments in Zenio Global Property Trust. Connect with us today.

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